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About Our Firm

Burnaby Law Firm

Logos (pronounced /ˈloʊɡɒs/ or /ˈlɒgɒs/) is a term used in philosophy, analytical psychology, rhetoric and religion. Originally a word meaning "word," "speech," "account," or "reason," it also represents, in philosophy, the principle of order and knowledge in the Universe.

Yes, we know. It sounds quite grand when we put it like that, doesn't it?

What does our name really mean?

It means that we believe in helping people make sense of the law.  It means that we believe in breaking down complex and sometimes perplexing legal concepts into words anyone can understand.  It means that you will always be prepared and in control of any contract you enter into.


So come see us or call us at (604) 294-0101.  We speak English, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Korean. We offer a free 30 minute initial consultation so that you can come in burden-free to see whether our services are right for you.

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